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Waldoboro Market Rules

The following rules are adopted under authority of the by-laws and accepted by

Majority vote of the membership. These rules may be amended, added to, or deleted from only by majority vote of the members present at a meeting called for that purpose and with prior notification.


1. The membership shall designate the opening and closing dates of the market season, and the days and hours of the market by majority vote.


2. The market will be held when scheduled except in cases of extreme weather. In this

case, a decision shall be made by a majority of the officers, and all efforts will be made to alert the public through social media and signage. If a vendor is unable to attend, he/she shall inform the President or Secretary with as much advance notice as possible. In case of a non-predicted absence, the vendor shall phone any officer, who will notify the membership upon arrival at the market. All vendors on a given market day must stay until closing unless otherwise agreed on that market day by all vendors participating.


3. Only Maine produced goods may be sold at the market. Vendors must produce 75%

of what volume they sell on any given market day. Buy-ins must be listed on the annual

application and approved by majority vote before selling them. Exceptions to this must

be approved by majority vote in advance of offering these items for sale.


4. Vendors are responsible for all legal requirements for the sale of their products. Any

license required by the State of Maine for the selling of a processed product must be

included with the vendor’s application.


5. Any misrepresentation of products offered at the market shall be considered cause for dismissal from the organization.


6. At each stall: a. All vendors must identify themselves with a sign showing their names and address.

b. Products must be identified by price.

c. Vendor is responsible for cleaning up his selling space before leaving on a market day.


7. When two or more vendors on any market day believe that the selling practices of

another vendor are detrimental to the market, they may ask for a special meeting of the

membership. A majority of those present at that special meeting may require the

detrimental practices to be changed to conform to the memberships' standards. Failure to do so shall be cause for dismissal from the organization.

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