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Market Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be the Waldoboro Farmers Market Association.



1. To provide consumers access to local produce, farm products, seafood and other goods while enhancing the sense of community and adding vibrancy to the village.



1. A "member" of the Waldoboro Farmers' Market Association shall be any production

unit which has been accepted into this organization, has paid annual membership fee, and abides by the market regulations. NOTE: Two production units may share a single

membership only if they sell from the same display unit in one selling space, and have

been approved as a single selling unit by vote of the membership. They shall have one

vote. The number of production units sharing a membership shall not exceed two.


2. Membership in this organization is open to producers without regard to race, creed, sex, age, disability, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual

orientation, disability, or military status.


3. Membership shall be by invitation only. Maine residents who wish to be considered for membership shall submit to the secretary an application which includes a description of products to be sold and dates desired for market participation. Application for the market may be submitted on an ongoing basis, and new members will be voted in for the current season once a year by the majority of the membership at the annual meeting. Should a vacancy occur after the annual meeting, new members may be voted in by a majority of the officers.


4. Invitation to membership will be extended to all members of the organization of the

preceding market year who have participated in 80% of the market dates for which they

committed themselves. Extenuating circumstances are to be taken into account, however.

New members are provisional until the completion of their first market season and will be voted on at the annual meeting for full membership.


5. Vendor fees are due no later than May 1st of each calendar year.




1. The officers shall consist of a President, Secretary/Clerk, and Treasurer. These officers are elected by a majority of the membership at the annual meeting, and shall serve for terms of one year.


2. Duties of the officers are as follows:

President: The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association.

He/she shall request the clerk to call regular or special meetings and attend to all

duties expected of such an officer. The president shall also appoint committees,

including advertising, music, etc.

Secretary/Clerk: The clerk shall keep a record of all meetings and send out notices,

whenever requested to do so by the president.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep a record of all dues and other money

received from the market operation. He/she shall record any money paid out, deposit

money received, and generally bear responsibility for the market’s current finances.



1. An annual meeting shall be held each year to elect new members and officers for the

subsequent year.


2. Additional meetings shall be called by the president or by direction of three or more



3. Special meetings shall be held as provided by Article 7, Paragraph 8.


4. All meetings of this organization will be conducted in an orderly fashion.


5. Voting will take place with at least 50% of the market members present. Of those

present, a majority vote will decide market matters. In case of a tie, the president may

cast an additional deciding vote.



Vendor fees shall be collected by the treasurer and used in benefit of the Farmers'

Market in accordance with a budget approved by a majority of the membership. Should

the organization dissolve or become inoperable, any remaining money shall be disposed of in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the members.



Amendments to this bylaws may be proposed and discussed at any meeting of the

membership or officers, and must receive a majority of the votes of the members or

officers present at that meeting in order to be submitted to all the members for final

consideration. Copies of such amendment(s) must then be sent to all members with at

least one month’s notice of a second members’ meeting at which the proposed

amendments must receive a two-thirds vote of the members then present before becoming part of the bylaws.

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